ACMSRL Pontoons & floating docks, Sicily Italy

ACM srl are global leaders in the design, production and manufacturing of floating docks, piers and marinas.

We take great care of our clients by developing and delivering every single project successfully, by applying innovative technologies, experience and a thorough and detailed study of the waters.

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Pontoons and floating docks are today the ideal solution for most boat moorings, whether touristic or industrial.  Their modern characteristics make them quick and easy to install as well as to remove, with their long-life and high functionality, solving the needs of any modern marina.


Useful elements both for completing floating structures or for providing solutions for the distribution of electricity, water, safety equipment, as well as all mooring accessories and spare parts.


High quality floating solutions aimed at either private owners, hotels or investment companies in the real estate sector, where the atmosphere of being immersed in the blue becomes a unique and unforgettable experience.